Working from Home

After a mammoth session recording expenses for this week’s adventures in Germany, I returned home after lunch to keep Miss 17 company. Her teenage friends seem intent on turning her inside out at the moment, so of course I’m going up to bat for her again, and again, and again. None of this is in … Continue reading Working from Home


This is a story about cost cutting gone mad. I arrived at Frankfurt Airport this morning, expecting to follow the usual routine of baggage check-in, and security. Nope. Not going to happen. Instead of quietly wandering up to a desk and having a staff member check my bags in I joined a huge crowd of … Continue reading Departure

To the Apotheker

I learned something new this evening. After work I had a splitting headache, so thought “it’s fine – I’ll buy something to eat from the supermarket, and have a quiet night in the hotel room”. I presumed that I would be able to buy headache tablets at the supermarket, just like at home. I was … Continue reading To the Apotheker


The flight from Heathrow to Frankfurt was remarkably routine. Although officially recorded as “delayed”, the flight crew did everything in their power to rush us onto the aircraft, and begin taxiing out to the runway. I would love to have heard the conversation between the aircraft and the control tower – it became evident that … Continue reading Arrival

Bags are Packed

A variety of clothes have been washed, ironed, folded, and packed. My work backpack has been emptied of it’s usual ephemera, and re-filled with the bare essentials associated with a work trip, various devices are on charge, and I’ve already performed a “remote check-in” with the airport ahead of the journey tomorrow. I just spent … Continue reading Bags are Packed