Everything Changes


After trying out Medium (the darling of the web publishing hipster crowd) for a few days, and trying to like it, I’ve admitted defeat, returned to WordPress and Tumblr, and changed the name of my blog. I’m not sure if you might call this a “re-invention”, a “re-boot”, or just plain stupid.

I dithered over the name change for a few minutes, and sucked a good friend into the idiocy along the way. She liked the option I didn’t use, which of course questions why I bothered soliciting her opinion in the first place.

Anyway. A name is just a name. The words I write here are ultimately disposable, and I need to remember that. I’m not a journalist, and I’m not writing a journal of record for the ages – I’m emptying my head and prattling on about all manner of rubbish that most people will scroll straight past.


4 thoughts on “Everything Changes”

  1. My sister does that… asks our opinion, then picks the one she wanted anyway. 😛 And why not, really… we have to live our own lives. I wish I’d picked a different blog name myself, as it sounds like the kind of blog where I’m going to shout at people.

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