The one where we gave the children their own bank cards


Two mysterious envelopes arrived in the post this afternoon, addressed to my younger daughters. After spotting the postal return addresses on them, I almost threw them away, but curiosity got the better of me and I opened them. The envelopes contained bank debit cards, with their names on them.

This had to be either an astoundingly expensive mail shot campaign, or my other half had been up to something. After a quick phone call I confirmed – my other half had been up to something.

Our children now have contactless chip-and-pin debit cards, topped up by the “Bank of Mum and Dad”. Instead of getting pocket money from now on, they will receive money directly into their account once a month, and can see their balance in a mobile app.

Here’s hoping it teaches them a little about looking after money – at this moment they think they are rich, having just received a month’s worth of pocket money in one go. Our youngest immediately asked if she could go to the corner shop to buy sweets with her bank card. We said no.


7 thoughts on “The one where we gave the children their own bank cards”

  1. I set up a card for my youngest, 11 as his brother has one too. He constantly wants to check his balance and/or spend his money. Thankfully there is no overdraft facility!!

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      1. It was good sorting it out for them at the bank. They loved feeling grown up sorting a bank account out.


  2. We messed up ours — began by leaving in a couple of hundred euro for both son and daughter, with no directives about what it was for. The monies were just there. They have never used them — only calling on Bank Mom and Dad — because we didn’t connect their accounts with the day to day of pocket money and all that. I so wish we had started with small amounts, which they/we would top up and they could see the ebb and flow, and with it the responsibilities relating. I love Lancashire Lad’s no overdraft facility. I think we might be a tad lax in this department too.


    1. Miss 14 never has any money, Miss 17 never lets us know how much money she has (she has her own bank account), and Miss 12 is Scrooge McDuck – serious, she has about £60 at the moment – she very rarely spends large amounts of money.


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