Working from Home Again


I’m sitting in the study at home once again, trying to concentrate on work, but being stopped by the plumber every few minutes to relate the latest bad news from the upstairs bathroom, which is still out of action.

This morning’s drama involves the discovery that when the bathroom was fitted nine years ago,  the ground wire on the pipes leading to the taps was screwed on too tightly, piercing the pipes. You can’t make this up. It means the job is going to take longer, and cost more. More money we don’t have.

We are still busy cancelling things left, right and center. It doesn’t help that my other half dropped her iPhone in a puddle last night. As soon as she got home we put it in rice. She’s currently carrying a very old Android handset around, and hoping either the phone wakes up, or the home insurance comes through.

It’s one thing after another at the moment. Last night the children “helped” wash up. I walked into the kitchen after fetching our youngest from football training, and discovered the dishwasher flashing various error codes. The kids had stacked the plates in, but hadn’t scraped any food off them – so guess who then had to pull all the filters out of the dishwasher and clean them? Fun times.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get on with some work. At the risk of causing you to fall asleep, I’ll break with a long tradition and actually tell you what I’m working on. Ready? I’m looking at building cross-platform mobile applications with Apache Cordova, AngularJS, jQuery, SQLite, and Azure. I have a pretty good demonstration app up and running, which will be shown to the client early next month. If this toolkit had been around five years ago, “We The Users” would have had a mobile app.


5 thoughts on “Working from Home Again”

  1. Sorry that the bathroom debacle keeps growing! We had a house once where we discovered an upstairs bathroom leak once the water started pouring through the ceiling onto my dining room table. We had a new tub put in and discovered there was a towel encased in the floor/ceiling…so I suspect this wasn’t a new issue, just one saved for us.

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  2. Oh not fun times .. been there hopefully your bathroom situation gets straightened out soon. Did the iPhone wake up ? My son did that it took several days sitting on the rice do give it a bit hopefully it works.


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