Things That Go Bump In The Night


On Tuesday nights one of our children has a dance class, while another goes to football training. I get home from work, eat whatever is available at quite some speed, and then walk through town to collect from dance before heading back out to collect from the football pitch while my other half goes to Yoga. It’s ever so slightly insane, but not unlike the juggling act many parents face each week. Tonight will be a similar story for me.

While walking home with our youngest on Tuesday night, we were making our way back through the maze of suburban roads and alleyways towards our house when a small hand began gripping mine a little more tightly.

“It’s scary along here”

I started making “Woooo” noises like a particularly rubbish ghost, expecting her to laugh, but she didn’t – she really meant it. Something had spooked her.

I immediately responded with words I have heard my grandparents and parents say over the years.

“There’s nothing there at night that isn’t there in the daytime”.

I’m not sure she really believed me. I tried to change the subject, to talk about school, the weekend, how dance had gone – nothing worked. She held my hand all the way home.

Somehow I think Halloween is going to be quite difficult this year.



4 thoughts on “Things That Go Bump In The Night”

  1. I just looked at another one of your pieces recommending Medium.I am somewhat ham-fisted at techie stuff, but would it be worthwhile for me to join? My own blog,, is on WordPress

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    1. I ended up killing my Medium account. I think Medium are going after much more reporting, journalism, and long-reads. There really isn’t anybody writing journal/diary style blog posts over there. There’s an awful lot of posts with people telling others what they should do, think, read, wear, eat, etc…

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      1. A bit Twitter for slow readers, so? I shouldn’t bother then. I suppose I am trying to grow my blog with minimum effort, Or rather because I don’t have a clue and probably shouldn’t be let out in this digital age. Thanks Jonathan


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