Round and Round

While writing this post, the washing machine and tumble dryer are rumbling away in the background, I’m half listening to an old playlist on the ancient iMac in the corner of the room, the younger children are playing football with their friends on the green outside the house, our eldest is visiting a friend for the day, and my other half is at the “Knit and Stitch Exhibition” in London.

All should be good with the world, and yet it is not. A number of people I have known for years on the internet are busy ripping lumps out of each other. I’m not going to get into how, or why, or try to make sense of it – I just think it’s sad because a community I have known and cherished appears to be ripping itself apart. I guess it’s a reminder that nothing lasts forever.

If you like somebody, tell them. If you love somebody, shout it from the rooftops. If you have a significant other, go give them a hug. If you have children, go play with them. If you have a dog, go feed it. If you have a cat, good luck with that, because I very much doubt it gives the tiniest sh*t about you – still give it a cuddle though, because cats look magnificently pissed off when you hug them.

There’s enough pain and suffering in this world already – let’s try and redress the balance a little.


9 thoughts on “Round and Round”

  1. I tend to be more of a dog person because they will tell you they love you , show it & mean it ! While cats , unfortunately like some of your internet friends are willing to claw at each other . Sad but true !

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  2. Sorry so much is happening with your internet friends, really sucks. Your comment about cats made me laugh, mine really does look annoyed when I pounce and hug him out of no where. Otherwise he’s like a little dog and even nicknamed puppy. He’s still a brat though! 😂

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  3. People can be really complicated, even on the internet. I read recently that something that would work with oneself could be just the wrong thing for someone else, and you might never suss out why… I think that is true. Just letting someone know you value their friendship is sometimes not enough, though there’s a lot we can do to stop bad stuff from escalating… simply put down the weapons and leave?

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  4. The comment about cats, spot on, and made me lol. So true about the world today. I think most people have lost their filters along with their manners. I love your blog, so glad you decided to wordpress it again.


  5. It really is amazing how people communicate on the net sometimes, shouting people down for voicing opinions that don’t chime with their own … like those bozos and bozettes who beep at traffic lights if you wait more than a nano second to move when they turn green. They wouldn’t do it if they weren’t in their metal bubbles on wheels. Down with bubble-proofed trolls, especially with silly pseudonyms. Can’t feel the loves for cats either. Dogs rock!


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