Writing and Not Writing

Today’s WordPress Blogging University writing exercise is asking me to consider what I might write if I had more time to write:

If you’re not a full-time writer, or if your day is so full of other tasks that you have little time to write, consider these alternative questions: if you could step into a machine that gave you more time, what would you write with this extra time?

I would like to think that I might write a sprawling epic in the style of Ernest Hemingway, or F. Scott Fitzgerald, but I think we all know the chances of that are infinitesimal. Most people probably think they can be Hemingway on a good day – but that’s the thing – he did it all the damn time (sure, he was often inebriated, or fighting somebody else’s war, but still…).

Maybe if I lowered my sights, I could writing biting commentary about the modern world. It might be fun to do the celebrity culture beat, and re-trace the path Toby Young did while accruing material for “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”.

Could I be the next Tom Wolfe? Maybe. Stop laughing. Ok, maybe not.

Let’s be honest. If I had more time, the chances of spending it writing are minimal, because I typically write blog posts when I should really be doing something else. Ergo – absence of time is NOT the reason I haven’t written anything of consequence. If anything, making me more busy will cause me to search out procrastinatory pursuits even more actively, which might result in even more writing.


One Reply to “Writing and Not Writing”

  1. I tend to procrastinate in the other direction. I find that I need to set myself a target of two articles of a week otherwise I’ll put it off indefinitely. Much as I love it, it’s a bit of a solitary pursuit. If I had more time, I expect I’d be slightly more Hemingwayesque with my leisure time for a couple of weeks just to re-immerse myself into society 🙂

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