If We Were Meeting For Coffee Right Now

15 thoughts on “If We Were Meeting For Coffee Right Now”

  1. Wow … you had me at coffee … ( jerry McGuire reference . Stuck inside 9 months in Chicago I watched too many movies )
    Your post is timely as this girl after 3 yrs … Is finally going on date … and yes coffee .
    I laughing thinking about all the awkward niceties that will take place … thatโ€™s why it is just coffee . Cheers !

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  2. Love that you can be so open and honest. Vulnerability is a lost art, my friend. Coffee is always my choice–there’s a space to talk without focusing on a lot of food that seems more fun and genuine. Love Lisa’s comment–you had me at coffee. A gifted conversationalist–you might be shy but you care about others.

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  3. How appropriate that I was having my coffee this morning while I read this post. I think most people have an interesting story to tell. Listening is a great and often under utilized skill.
    My husband likes to play devil’s advocate just to see if I will take the bait. I’m not sure what the goal behind getting me riled up is, but I’m guessing there must be some fun it.
    Laughter definitely brightens a day. Knowing me, I’d choke on the coffee while trying not to spit it out, and then dissolve into a fit of laughter at my coughing (while trying not to die) fit.
    Thanks for setting the scene. I could totally imagine it.

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