A Weekend Off

11 thoughts on “A Weekend Off”

    1. I think the biggest lesson for the kids is how quickly we have their back when anything happens. It’s think the last few months have caused Miss 17 to see us in a new light 🙂


  1. A weekend without plans! What’s that?! I say as I sit in the hotel waiting for soccer games that have been delayed due to frost. I had planned to write a post about how the October Challenge went, but of course am having connection problems. I could write it from my phone and may, but that doesn’t sound very enjoyable.

    So sorry to hear about that happening to your daughter. It’s awful that people can be horrid.

    When my daughter makes slime, I find it for days! Last time it seemed off the counter into the cabinet drawer. Last weekend she was going to make an exploding volcano…luckily, we had no vinegar!

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  2. I feel like you just gave me a snapshot of life in a few years time (my kids are 8,5,3) I always think it will get easier as they get older but of course it doesn’t, just different challenges – hope the bully gets what’s coming.

    And now I’m off to forage for some bread, nice cheese and soup 😄

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  3. I haaaaaate social media bullies. Let me god damn at him! If miss 17 unblocks him will the messages be there still? Maybe snapchat can have a look at her account and see the messages, or suspend his and see them. Even if your daughter has deleted and blocked him I’m not sure they’ll be gone from servers because of incidents like this. I hope it all works out and your kitchen survived!

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  4. That is awful that Miss 17 is going through that but good on you for tracking the person down. It’s a good idea to unblock to gather any further evidence. You could maybe take over her Snapchat until it is resolved or take it over to get the evidence and have her create a new one.

    I find Snapchat great for the filters and creating fun photos to upload to facebook but never got into really how it was meant to work how most probably use it x

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  5. Ahhh a rare weekend off from activities. It inevitably leads to arguments it is standard. I do hope you sort the problems of snapchat. I had it for awhile, i found it to be the most pointless app i had ever come across. As far as the messages being available i think the person who has been blocked can still see the messages that i have been sent. I do not think however that you can see the sent messages when you unblock them (hope that makes sense?) Keyboard bullies are low class scum bags really winds me up when i see this senseless bullying. I hope you get it sorted………

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