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6 thoughts on “Blogosphere Magazine”

  1. I’ve never seen that magazine. Popularity contests stress me out. It’s the reason that I sometimes have to take a break from Instagram. I’ve used that platform to try to showcase my photography as I’ve worked on my composition skills and I grade myself too harshly on what others think.
    I do think skilled photographers know how to use lighting in ways that make features flattering. I will opt for a filter if a photo of me looks like I’ve been under the harsh glare of stage lights. Lighting is definitely not my strong skill.
    I have no idea if my blog falls under a category. I just write about what I’m interested in and hope people like it. Lol.

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    1. And that is why I follow you – because you write a journal. It’s not a niche blog at all. It’s full of honesty, integrity, interest, humor, and most of all candid posts about the days of your life. We are a rare breed, it seems.

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  2. Which is why I bloody love this blog! You really do say it as it is. If you do get any farm animal threats then can I please have the farm animal if no one else calls bagsy? I’ve always wanted some. A nice little goat to call my own. I don’t ask for much. Keep writing all the good stuff! Also, as to the magazine cover, I’ll be sure to get meself a sequin dress should I fall pregnant and plop myself in the nearest field. Only we can place bets on it now they’d be a disgruntled farmer with a shotgun in the background mid “get off my lawn!” and a couple of horses getting jiggy with it. I’ll put a filter on it though so that it’ll still look dreamy. 😍…😜😂

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