Recreate a Single Day

3 thoughts on “Recreate a Single Day”

  1. 4 a.m. sounds so painful! I thought 5:45 this morning was painful. Mostly because I had one of those strange nights where I awoke many times, not fully sure where I was. Once thinking “oh, I wonder if son #2 is upstairs in bed” and then “but wait, you aren’t even home. You’re in a hotel in a different city.”
    My Sunday was spent watching soccer as well. The girl’s won the championship was an awesome end to their season.

    I ate out way too much and drank too much coffee since it was so cold.

    I laughed so hard at the grocery shopping every day! That is so me. We’ve even felt the need to inform the kids that not every family does that and they don’t have to choose to do that when they move out. Ha! Although the hubby had to get us up and running through packed lunches tomorrow because the championship game started late and I had a nice 2 hour nighttime, rainy drive home…one where the GPS decided I wanted to take the twistiest back roads possible.

    Wishing you luck as I’ve checked the time there and now that the school day morning has not yet begun! 🙂

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  2. Oh man I hate falling asleep in day clothes! No idea what it is but I will always wake up feeling completely unrested! I find myself shopping for groceries far too often and I never leave with what I thought I needed. Thought being the important wore here… no one needs a milkshake at 10pm! 😅

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