Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour

5 thoughts on “Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour”

  1. We have a large glass window beside our door and any “creeping” to laundry room requires being in line with it. God forbid the blinds be up on the bay windows or back doors. I always think “those who live in glass houses”.

    I had a Monday where I had to drive the 14 year old to school because she needed to finish a paper that she had accidentally left when I picked her up early on Friday. Then I had take the 16 year old in a few hours late…luckily I was still able to Pilates before taking him.

    I’m pretty sure “manslaughter” shouted would cause any room to go silent and then uncomfortably begin to talk again!

    I don’t speak French, but I did have to look it up… “l’esprit de l’escalier” or for us English speakers… “staircase wit” (thinking of the perfect reply too late…i.e. at the bottom of the stairs.)


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