Ends and Beginnings

I’m sitting at the desk in the junk room at home, writing this on the old desktop PC. Sia is filling the room with “Chandelier” via the Fire TV wired up to the old TV across the room. Miss 12 is in her room, eating Sushi made last night by Miss 17. We are the last people left in the house – the older children and my other half have returned to school, college, and work today. I go back to work tomorrow morning.

Christmas officially left our house this morning. I hadn’t been planning to take the decorations down until Saturday (12th night, and all that rubbish), but found myself with nothing to do earlier, and thought “f*ck it”. Within an hour everything was down, packed, and back in the attic until next year. Suddenly the house seems spacious again.

The washing machine is back in action today – I’m trying to clear the decks before the onslaught of football, rugby, and school begin filling the clothes bins faster than we can empty them. While sorting, washing, drying, and folding clothes, I often wonder “is this it – is this my entire life?”. I know it’s a ridiculous thought.

I’m quietly stressing about a meeting first thing tomorrow morning – where I will get some idea how the next year is going to pan out. I’m central to several huge projects – all involving travel. I think I mentioned last year about my pending return to Frankfurt. I imagine that will happen quite quickly. I suppose at least by mid-morning tomorrow I’ll know what the future has in store for me.

Tomorrow morning will be a first commute wearing a helmet camera! My brother in law bought me one for Christmas – it’s strapped to the top of my bike helmet, ready to go. If past experiences are anything to go by, within days I’ll have material to start a YouTube channel full of thoughtless idiots displaying their lack of driving skills. It’s going to be fun. Note to self though – must not swear too much while the camera is rolling – or will a running commentary make it more entertaining ?

I have been filling out the Filofax over the last day or two – entering birthdays and so on into the calendar. After dropping the bullet journal, I’ve resurrected my old Moleskine, and will begin writing in it once again. Before smartphones took over the world, I used to write in the paper journal quite a bit – with a little luck I’ll get back to doing that. Getting rid of the smart-phone is turning out to have all sorts of benefits – not least because I’ve become aware how often my hand has gone to my pocket to find it, when I really didn’t need to look at it.

Anyway! (I say anyway a lot)

In closing I just wanted to take a few moments to say that I have really come to appreciate the little group of friends I have made via the blog in the last few months. You’re from all over the world, and from all walks of life, and yet here we all are – out on the edge of the internet, sharing the unspoken stories of our days with each other. You know who you are, and you probably have no idea how much I value our friendships.



10 thoughts on “Ends and Beginnings”

  1. Jon –
    The way you do laundry is how I do budgets . As the sole supporter of my monkeys , and a bee ELEVATED budget , I thought is this All There is ! Me taking care of stuff … I know . I know – I do get the Beach !

    Good luck with the commute & keeping F Bombs to a minimum .
    Keep doing YOU – it makes for an interesting life & Read. HNY

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    1. I did wonder what you really meant πŸ™‚ I think everybody kind of has an autocorrect filter built in now. The thing that gets me is when autocorrect replaces a word with a jumble of letters that are obviously not a real word.

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  2. My house is officially quiet. The oldest had Senior sleep-in and was heading to school as I returned home from Pilates.

    I hadn’t heard about keeping up decorations for 12 days. Growing up, we always took them down shortly after Christmas, then I heard it was bad luck to take them down before the new year and decided to implement that tradition in our house.
    Sushi sounds good! I ate as much meat as possible before embarking on the January vegetarian challenge. lol.

    I’m sure bike cam will be lots of fun. My son usually puts music over his edits (probably to be sure we can’t hear what’s being said). He hasn’t made any in a while, but he would wear a helmet cam while mountain biking and longboarding.

    I left my mini calendar (you’d think I’d put that info in my phone) that I carry with me on the coffee table last night. This morning it’s shredded in pieces throughout the house. With that and the numerous toilet paper rolls eaten over the past week, the puppy has proven he will have to sleep in a crate for a bit longer.
    Now I have to add “find a new calendar” to my day. πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh crikey – I remember when my parents dogs were puppies – probably the funniest memory was Toby (a golden retriever) climbing up my Dad on the sofa, and biting him on top of the head – with the little needle teeth that puppies have when they are about three months old πŸ™‚

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  3. The minute you mentioned a helmet camera, I thought of the YouTube classic “Ronnie Pickering ” road rage captured on a motorcyclist camera. You could go viral Jon!

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  4. As long as your safe doing it some running commentary I’m sure would be entertaining! I don’t want to put Christmas back in the box just yet! It makes everything feel warmer and cosier!


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