Cycling to Work

I cycled to work today, and tried out the camera. It really didn’t help that the sky fell on my head for the entire journey, covering the camera in water and blurring everything, but it kind of worked. I’ll try it again on the way home (it’s not raining now – for the first time in 48 hours), but it will be dark on the way home – I have no idea what the video will come out like.

Maybe if it’s sunny tomorrow the video will look much, much better. Fingers crossed.


11 thoughts on “Cycling to Work”

  1. Decent enough picture quality, despite the rain. I’ve always fancied a camera or go pro for when I have ridden over to Europe on the charity rides. Would make for great memories to keep.

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    1. I think you’d need something a bit more serious for longer journeys – this is obviously one of the cheap cameras you see on sale in gadget shops around Christmas time – you can’t switch the display off when it’s recording, so it eats it’s own battery…

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    1. Not really – I only have a single-speed bike – a “Charge Plug 0” – the cheapest one they make. After several mountain bikes, it was an attempt to simplify the bike I ride to work – less to go wrong on it. I suppose I average about 15mph on it if the wind isn’t in my face 🙂


  2. I admit I was cringing when you passed cars and when that man with dog walked across the road…and oh my goodness, so…many…puddles! But you made it! And you managed not to speak one word the entire time (I’m pretty sure I’d have been doing at least a little muttering). lol.

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