Back to the Future

9 thoughts on “Back to the Future”

  1. I hear you! My daughter was fidgeting during the second half of The Last Jedi – it was hard to comprehend. Like you, I find I can take interest in even the most mundane things. If not, I start daydreaming. LOL

    Kids have lost the ability to daydream. 😦

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    1. I don’t think all kids have lost the ability to daydream, but some kids certainly have – it’s like they have to be spoon fed input all day long – they can’t find something to do for themselves. During the summer I intentionally used to have days here and there where we did nothing – so the kids were intentionally left to their own devices.

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  2. I grew up with pizza night every Friday. It was a big deal in our house because we never went to fast food or had take-out. Plus it was the only night my brother and I had soda. We took the kids to my parents every Friday for pizza during the time we still lived in my hometown.
    We just watched the movie Stronger. Recently I tend to like these “based on true story” day/weeks/etc. in the life’s. We also liked Hidden Figures and Megan Leavey. A life existence story of fiction we recently watched was Landline. I haven’t seen the ones you mentioned. I’ll have to look at those.

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    1. Hidden Figures looks interesting – although reading the Wikipedia page, it looks like they took a lot of liberties with the truth – I’ve read a number of books about the Apollo programme, and yeah – it’s massively off in places. Still looks like an interesting movie though 🙂

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      1. There is a tendency to take liberties in movies and I don’t completely understand the necessity of it. Braveheart comes to mind…


  3. My kids are the same way alway on their phones watching these silly videos and when your talking or trying to talk to them their half listening and I get a hmm … Yeah or oh . I’m like you heard nothing then comes the blank stare … So frustrating . I love Back to the future my daughter things it’s strange my son like the car . My hubby loves it as well and could watch it over and over. Oh the homemade pizza sound really good.

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