Procrastinating Famously

I’m busy clearing the decks at work this morning. I travel to Germany first thing on Monday, so there’s not much point getting involved in doing anything of consequence. If you suddenly see a swathe of comments from me on your blog, at least you’ll know why it happened 🙂

I had to leave work early yesterday. My other half called, after discovering ANOTHER leak from the upstairs bathroom. I raced home, ripped part of the ceiling away downstairs (inside a walk-in-cupboard, thankfully), and discovered the source of the leak. It’s dripping once every few seconds, so it’s not serious, but I’m guessing it will become more serious if we don’t deal with it. We’ll have to find a plumber while I’m in Germany. I’m hoping the bathroom floor doesn’t have to come up again. It’s more cost though – more money we had not planned on spending.

In between procrastinating famously, I’m also scouting out places I might go for meals next week in Frankfurt. I discovered a wonderful Turkish restuarant last time, but it’s about twenty minutes walk to get there. I suppose if the weather is good, it will be worth it. There is a traditional Germany pub just round the corner from the hotel, serving hearty hot food – so that may well become a regular place too.

I’m also looking at the various art galleries in the middle of Frankfurt – figuring out which ones have exhibitions going on, and which ones are open late. Given that I don’t know anybody in the city, wandering around an art gallery seems like a good thing to occupy me.

In other news, I woke up with the headache from hell this morning, and kept very quiet about it. I discovered an unopened bottle of sherry last night at home – obviously bought for Christmas and forgotten about. I had three glasses, on top of a couple of cans of beer earlier in the evening. I need to stop drinking so much – if we don’t have alcohol in the house I don’t even think about it – I’m only drinking it because it’s there.

At least I haven’t written a drunken blog post (yet).


12 thoughts on “Procrastinating Famously”

      1. I know exactly what you mean. I’m getting to the point where I can’t / don’t want to to keep booze in the house because I’ll just end up drinking it by myself. And I hate the way I feel afterward.


    1. Oh, I didn’t really catch the beer thing – and I never have more than one drink usually because I know I have work – this was a rare occasion where I did have more than one drink, and remembered why lol

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  1. Leaks are always an awful thing to find…upstairs always seems to be so much worse! We had to rip out a ceiling in this house. Luckily, it was small, but it was in the foyer. Sorry about the headache!

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  2. I love Turkish food. I didn’t have proper Turkish until I went to the Gold Coast and i was sold!
    Sorry about the leak, sounds like a pain in the you know what! Have a good trip to Germany!

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