Returning to the Bullet Journal

10 thoughts on “Returning to the Bullet Journal”

  1. How does that pie taste? Just kidding πŸ˜‰ We’re allowed to change our minds about things. I probably do numerous times in a day. I still haven’t looked at bullet journaling. They look very pretty, but I suspect mine would look like the same chicken scratch that is written in my agenda.

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    1. Don’t look at the idiotic photos on the internet (or if you do, have a good laugh at the contents of their day) – mine has ended up being a pure list of things to do each day, and other things that are at “some point” during the week or month – that’s all. I’ll email you a photo.

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    1. I was late to the game too – I resisted for a LONG time. I finally got one late last year (as the post describes), and have flip-flopped back to a Filofax, and back again. I think it’s the process that’s useful, more than the journal itself.

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