I just finished installing “Elementary OS” on the old desktop computer at home – the one in the junk room that I tend to sit at while writing blog posts. On the off-chance that anybody else needs to use it, they can still re-start it and boot into Windows 7 – the hard-drive is partitioned, and has a boot-loader (meaning, it asks if you want Windows or Linux when you start the machine).

If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, Elementary OS is a Linux distribution – an alternative to Microsoft Windows. After reading “Just for Fun” by Linus Torvalds, I got bitten by the bug again, and did a little research – leading directly to tonight’s tinkering escapade. I had run Linux on the old computer at home for years, before recently installing Windows to keep the kids happy – although they have their own computers, they still gravitate towards the desktop because it has a big screen, and I keep the desk tidy (read:empty).

Anyway – I’m massively impressed with it. It “just works”, and looks beautiful. I’ll sort out some screenshots at some point.

Enough with the nerdy stuff.

I have something wrong with my left eye. It happened at some point this morning – a blood vessel burst, I think – leaving me with a red stain just below the tear duct. I’m hoping it will vanish over the next day or two as my body repairs itself – if not, I’m guessing I’ll be making an appointment at the doctors to let them take a look. I imagine it’s just tiredness – travelling around the country, and burning the candle at both ends was bound to catch up with me at some point.


5 thoughts on “Elementary”

  1. I hope the eye gets better! Traveling does seem to irritate things on occasion. I’ve been lucky so far that nobody is that interested in my office. However, when they do come in, they always like to pick up random stuff. lol

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