I don’t think “Monday from Hell” really covers it. Lets just say that when a teenager stops taking her anxiety medication, the wheels will eventually fall off both of your wagons, and you’ll spend the hour before you go to work completely and utterly losing your shit with her, before cycling to work, feeling bad about how you reacted, then returning as soon as you could to work from home from the rest of the day.

We have about five weeks until she takes her exams, and we can then hopefully turn a page. It doesn’t help that the one friend she has outside of college is somebody that dropped out of college. If she does the same, she will end up with no qualifications, no job prospects, and no future. If you’ve every tried to explain this to a teenager, you’ll understand that you probably sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher as you waffle-rant at them.

In other news, I’m back working on the Germany project. I’m writing documentation this week, and then flying out next week to hand over the work done so far, and to plan for the next sprint. There have been murmurings about flying out three times in three weeks early in the summer. That’s going to be fun. I’ll try and find a hotel with a restaurant before then – sitting on my own in the hotel restaurant has got to be easier than finding new places to eat each night. I never thought I’d ever write that.

Coffee. I need a coffee. (Five minutes pass while I drink a pretty forgettable cup of instant coffee)

It struck me earlier that I never think of looking up bloggers in the various cities I visit with work. Would that seem a bit weird – trying to find people that live somewhere, so you can accidentally on purpose meet up for a drink while visiting the city ? I think it might have been a lot easier years ago, but so few people write journal-style blogs these days, the chances of finding anybody are relatively slim (says the person that hasn’t looked).


20 thoughts on “Decompressing”

  1. I don’t think education is that important. I could have gotten the job I have now with a high school diploma. I have a master’s degree but that didn’t get me anywhere. Even with just a GED, you can get a job and work your way up these days. On the job experience counts more than a degree, at least in the US.

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  2. Well, I must disagree regarding higher education but it takes time and patience and of course it depends on your major. Not much demand for philosophy these days. I would suggests the medical field or hospitality. I think it would be rather creepy to be called on by a blogger I am not expecting. Good luck with your teen. 😊

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    1. We will support her whatever happens – our focus at the moment is just to make sure she gets the bare minimum qualifications behind her to give her choices in life – to even be considered for jobs. At the moment she doesn’t have that.

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  3. Doesn’t every lecture (advice from years of experience) to a teenager sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher? Sorry you’re having a rough time with the teen. I’ve had my fair share in the past week.
    You really should get to work on learning that German. πŸ˜‰

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      1. lol. My son wants to learn German. One of his friends speaks it fluently.

        …also without having you explain your school system in a prior post, college means something very different over here. What you all call college is still considered high school over here. Wishing you the best in convincing her to make it to completion.

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    1. Unfortunately the chances of arriving in the same neck of the woods as you is very slim indeed – I’m on the other side of the planet πŸ™‚ Wouldn’t it be fun though – to have a drink with such a distant friend πŸ™‚

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  4. Well if your ever in sunny Bolton we can chew the fat over teenagers I could write a book about them. Actually forget them we can have a beer and discuss far more interesting stuff. πŸ‘πŸ»

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    1. I’ve only been to Bolton once, as far as I recall – I was en-route to somewhere else, and missed the railway station, so carried on to Bolton, and then went back again. I’m guessing it was a visit to Salford many years ago – when it was all still a construction site.

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  5. I don’t think it’s weird to meet up with fellow bloggers. I made a great friendship with one of my blog friends and we meet up about once a month.

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  6. I can relate I have a dughter who is on anxiety meds and she’s 22 a nd can get pretty moody and challenging as well as my 17 yr old son going through some things this week yes week from hell sounds about right .


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