Strange Codex records the thoughts, ideas, and daydreams of a software and web developer, sometime blogger, and somewhat secret internet superhero called Jonathan (me).

While not bashing my head against the desk repeatedly at work, or travelling around the country pretending to be clever, I sometimes tinker with freelance web development projects in the free time I don’t have.

I like pizza (or anything easy to cook, really), wine, chocolate biscuits, tea, coffee, and cycling. I am as as colour-blind as a hedgehog in a bag, but can draw a mean doodle. I listen to random music on Spotify, watch streaming TV shows on the internet, and wish I had more time and money to pursue a colossally nerdy, and somewhat unknown interest in comic books.

If you would like somebody to jump down the internet rabbit hole with, give me a shout via the contact page – I love meeting new people, and love writing emails instead of getting on with what I should be doing.