Reaching Out

If you see a friend request on Facebook from me, I decided to give up on the whole “cut Facebook back to close family and friends” thing, because I ended up adding a few of you back anyway - which made it all kind of pointless. I also read a great post on Facebook by… Continue reading Reaching Out


Headache From Hell

I left work early today, after fighting a headache that kept getting worse. It got to the point where I was squinting at the computer screen in front of me, fighting to think straight. After finally giving in I slowly cycled home, took some ibuprofen, drank a pint of water, and am now sitting in… Continue reading Headache From Hell

The Rugby Tournament

After scraping ourselves out of bed this morning, we all set about filling the car with boot-bags, mouth-guards, and collosal quantities of food before setting off towards a rugby tournament in London. What can I say? The sun shone, the girls worked their backsides off, and more importantly they had fun. I've never seen their… Continue reading The Rugby Tournament


I've been sitting in front of the computer for the last hour, wondering what I might write about, and vanishing down any number of internet rabbit holes while avoiding writing "I have nothing to write about today". I'm tired. I need to sleep. I will be back. Promise.


After surviving a fit of bravery at the weekend, and connecting Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and Tumblr together, it occurred to me this evening that I should perhaps put a little more effort into finding the acquaintances I used to follow on the various social networks. Yes, I know - I should never have unfollowed everybody… Continue reading Reconnecting