Working night and day

At the moment it really does feel like I’m working night and day… in the daytime I am working on a logistics system for a corporate client, and in the evenings I find myself working on my own project, CMS… I think the hard work may pay off fairly soon – CMS is becoming feature … Continue reading Working night and day

Herculean Efforts

I was up until 1am programming again last night – the CMS code is now up to version 0.3 in the development area. Although you can’t see any difference at all in the user interface, the code behind the administration interface has had a complete overhaul. This probably won’t make any sense to anybody who … Continue reading Herculean Efforts

Feeling Pretty Good

For the first time in a few weeks I’m actually feeling okay. Still not 100%, but getting there! I’m not going to write about what was wrong with me in here because I don’t want to bore you or put you off your food 🙂 Today things are going well on the project I’m working … Continue reading Feeling Pretty Good

Walking Around Town

I’ve just got back from a training walk with indychick – she’s doing a marathon distance walk later in the year to support a cancer charity. Normally the evening walks are about 45 minutes around town at a brisk pace – and if she can’t find anybody to go with her, I usually fill in … Continue reading Walking Around Town

Swimming Backwards

I feel like I’m swimming backwards at the moment. There are so many things I want to be getting on with (such as the CMS content management system project that’s been stalled forever, and multiBlog, which hasn’t even got past the start line… and then of course I would love to write a document management … Continue reading Swimming Backwards

Tuesday again

What is it about Tuesdays? I seem to write in my blog at some point on a Tuesday these days. I’ve kind of decided that I need to spruce up this demonstration Blog, so don’t be surprised if you see some graphics appearing around the place, and maybe a new version if I find something … Continue reading Tuesday again

Keep on Running

It’s mid morning on Tuesday, and I am working on an extension to some software I wrote a llllooonnnggg time ago. It’s going fairly well, but it somewhat boring to implement. In the meantime I keep getting email alerts from Yahoo messenger saying something along the lines of “a move has been played on board … Continue reading Keep on Running

First blog of 2004

Can you really believe that I have not put an entry in my blog this year so far? The first part of January has flown by for me so far – busy both at home and at work. Myself and indychick were only talking last night about the prospect of saying no to invitations for … Continue reading First blog of 2004

Nearly here :)

I’m sat at work, and it’s only a couple of days until Christmas now… This week is very much a case of “manning the phones”, without too much to be getting on with. Many of the developers and managers have gone for Christmas now, so we are operating on a skeleton staff. Anyway – enough … Continue reading Nearly here 🙂