Windows Free Zone

Woohoo! All the computers in the house are now running Linux… goodbye to crappy old Windows. To be honest, I have been running Windows for a few years at home (and still have to at work), but have been patiently waiting for the day when Linux would be useable as a desktop operating system (I’m … Continue reading Windows Free Zone

Sleepy Saturday

Woohoo! I cooked dinner last night and it was great (I didn’t poison indychick!!). We had Chilli, made with Quorn mince (veggie substitute – Indychick doesn’t eat meat), kidney beans, tomato puree, chopped tomatoes, onion, peppers and garlic. I got the amount of “Lazy Chillies” just about right… kind of a kick to it but … Continue reading Sleepy Saturday

It’s Valentines Day!

It’s valentines day and I was planning on leaving an hour early to pop into town and pick up some flowers and ingredients for tea… except my project manager has just veto’d that. How “jobsworth” is that? I suppose I should resist having a complete rant in case the offending idiot reads this. One lousy … Continue reading It’s Valentines Day!

How Many Hits?

Since opening the source code for this noddy little bunch of scripts last night, I’ve been somewhat taken aback by the number of apparent visitors into the page. I had no idea hotscripts was such a popular site – that so many people checked it out every day (or perhaps I was lucky?). It reminds … Continue reading How Many Hits?

Opening the Source

I finally did it – I opened up the Blog script to the community. This morning (while I’m supposed to be working on commercial stuff) I had a crisis of conscience, and re-wrote a lot of the PHP behind BLOG to ummm… urrr… make it a bit more professional and stable. Some of the code … Continue reading Opening the Source

Tired and Bored

I’m sat at my desk this afternoon after being in and out of the office for the last few days, and I don’t really know what to do next… It turns out, after a mad scramble to get several of the projects out of the way that I am now effectively free from any specific … Continue reading Tired and Bored

Dead on my Feet

After pulling a late nighter working on my website last night, finally getting to bed at about 2:30, the tiredness has really hit me this afternoon. It’s like somebody has suddenly hung very heavy things off my eyelids or something. The ThoughtCafe website appears to be doing quite well (shocking!). I sent the newsletter out … Continue reading Dead on my Feet

Forging Ahead with TC

After a week of concentrated effort, the new ThoughtCafe site code is becoming more stable, and the bugs are falling out as I work on it. It’s nice to finally be working on a running project with Linux, MySQL and PHP. The difference in stability and performance over Windows cannot be measured – we were … Continue reading Forging Ahead with TC