Another Bout of Apathy

I'm sat here at work staring at Textpad (the program I'm writing this in), and the reams of SQL in the window behind it, and listening to some classical music or other on my headphones... around me in the office everybody seems to be over-run with work.I'm in a strange situation where I have tons… Continue reading Another Bout of Apathy


Re-Writing Blog

Okay - before I start, I should perhaps re-iterate that this diary is based on code that I wrote, and I give away as "open source" to whoever wants a copy.I decided to start the re-write of Blog to become "multiBlog" last night. If you have no idea what I'm on about, I have been… Continue reading Re-Writing Blog

Filming for GMTV

I am absolutely shattered this morning.If you haven't been reading this blog, myself and my other half have been trying for a family for the last couple of years - pretty much unsuccessfully - and were embarking on a series of tests to find out why. Late last week we got a bizarre call from… Continue reading Filming for GMTV

No va va voom

Over the last couple of days I have been suffering from what I can only describe as a terminal lack of "vavavoom"... I guess the real word for it would be "apathy" - and another term would be "can't be bothered".Take last night for instance - I got home from work, did nothing for about… Continue reading No va va voom