Terrifically Unfair

So much has happened in the last 18 hours. I'm having trouble processing it - struggling to arrange it all into a coherent story. Perhaps I'll start at the beginning. I was sitting in the junk room yesterday afternoon, minding my own business, when a chat window appeared in the browser - a friend who… Continue reading Terrifically Unfair


Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour

My body performed it's usual magic trick of waking up a few moments before the pre-programmed alarm clock this morning. I silently switched it off, and crept down-stairs. All clean underwear was on the folded washing mountain downstairs (which may fall on somebody one day, and necessitate a caving team to dig them out of… Continue reading Mr Cranky Pants Goes on Tour

Somebody Finally Noticed Me

I don't own a car. I cycle to work each day, and travel by train when visiting far-flung client offices. The cycle route to work is only three miles each way, and can be done in anything from ten to fifteen minutes, depending on how energetic I'm feeling, and if the wind is favorable. I… Continue reading Somebody Finally Noticed Me

The one where she started a blog

My eldest daughter now has a blog over at Tumblr. I spent the better part of yesterday evening helping her join the dots between Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. It feels a lot like building Frankenstein's Monster - only this isn't a story in a book where you can disassociate yourself from the mayhem that unfolds… Continue reading The one where she started a blog