I don't think "Monday from Hell" really covers it. Lets just say that when a teenager stops taking her anxiety medication, the wheels will eventually fall off both of your wagons, and you'll spend the hour before you go to work completely and utterly losing your shit with her, before cycling to work, feeling bad… Continue reading Decompressing


A Day To Forget

Today has been a day to forget so far. Miss 17 is apparently not talking to me today. I’m not really sure why. After calling her repeatedly over the course of an hour this morning, she emerged from her room with moments to spare in order to catch her bus to college. I asked if… Continue reading A Day To Forget

Channeling Flynn

I spent the entire day buried in programming again. Another thousand lines of code, some user interface design, and some workflow wrangling. Don't ask what I mean by workflow - it's the thing I get paid to talk about in front of rooms full of business people all over the country - the reason I… Continue reading Channeling Flynn

Adventures in Babysitting

In the grand tradition of discovering movies thirty years after everybody else, I finally sat and watched "Adventures in Babysitting" this evening with Miss 16. I finally get it - I get the whole thing about Elizabeth Shue, and I finally understand Jeff Winger in Community making such a big deal about Britta looking like… Continue reading Adventures in Babysitting