This week seems to be going on indefinitely. I'm sure there's an end to it somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure where that might be. It probably doesn't help that I've been head-down on development this week - making changes to perhaps the biggest code-base I ever worked on, and for a huge client. It's… Continue reading Relentless


There’s Always Something

This morning was... interesting. By "interesting", I probably mean lots of other words, but I'm unsure if I should write them down or not. Some of them will be swear words, some of them will by hyperbole, and some of them will be expressions of disbelief. Let's just shorten what could be a long, angry,… Continue reading There’s Always Something

Lack of Belief

A friend challenged my apparent lack of faith earlier this evening, causing me to really think about my opposition to “faith”. It’s worth pointing out that I have no problem with people believing whatever they want to believe - as long as they respect my freedom not to share their belief. In the process of… Continue reading Lack of Belief

Adventures in Babysitting

In the grand tradition of discovering movies thirty years after everybody else, I finally sat and watched "Adventures in Babysitting" this evening with Miss 16. I finally get it - I get the whole thing about Elizabeth Shue, and I finally understand Jeff Winger in Community making such a big deal about Britta looking like… Continue reading Adventures in Babysitting

Resisting the Urge to Vent Spectacularly

I got back from travelling around the country with work a couple of hours ago. On the final leg of the journey home I picked up a copy of the "Evening Standard" that had been discarded on the train. It's a free paper printed in London each day. After flicking through the first few pages,… Continue reading Resisting the Urge to Vent Spectacularly