Another Train, Another Hotel

Greetings from a hotel room several hundred miles from home. I'm in Leeds for the night, ahead of a day spent in quite the most imposing building I visit among the various client sites I travel to - I gather locally it's known as "The Kremlin". The journey here was entirely unremarkable - the trains… Continue reading Another Train, Another Hotel



The radio alarm clock went off at 7am this morning. On a Saturday. I woke up, switched the radio off, and promptly fell back asleep, waking up again at 9am. Knowing we would be heading to my in-laws for lunch, I jumped in the shower, put on some clean clothes, made a coffee, and then… Continue reading Saturday

Beans and Cheese on Toast

After the relentless questioning from Miss 12 grew almost continuous, I caved and made lunch for everybody - well, everybody except my other half who has gone out for the day. “What shall we have then?” Shrug. I had a look through the cupboard, and discovered several tins of beans - one of them with… Continue reading Beans and Cheese on Toast

Standing Behind Mary Berry

On our way home from parents evening at our youngest's school yesterday evening, the clock struck "can't be bothered to cook anything" o'clock, so we stopped off at a supermarket en-route to buy ready meals. After gathering together a selection of fine looking curries, and pasta meals, I wandered off towards the checkouts to pay.… Continue reading Standing Behind Mary Berry

Rice Cakes, Manga, Anime and Cosplay at HyperJapan

After sliding out of bed at 6am this morning, jumping in the shower, having shave, and throwing on clothes prepared last night, I knocked on Miss 17's bedroom door for the first time. Over the course of the next half an hour I knocked on her door ten more times. With minutes ticking down until… Continue reading Rice Cakes, Manga, Anime and Cosplay at HyperJapan