I'm sitting in the junk room at home, listening to the soundtrack from the movie "Hackers" (Voodoo People, by the Prodigy right now), typing this into GEdit in Solus Linux on the old PC. I need to get more 90s dance music - I used to have a few compilation albums from the big clubs… Continue reading Drifting


Terrifically Unfair

So much has happened in the last 18 hours. I'm having trouble processing it - struggling to arrange it all into a coherent story. Perhaps I'll start at the beginning. I was sitting in the junk room yesterday afternoon, minding my own business, when a chat window appeared in the browser - a friend who… Continue reading Terrifically Unfair

Growing Up, and Growing Old

I nearly fainted this afternoon. I had been working flat out all day on a technical problem. I didn’t get up from my desk from the moment I arrived in the morning until the moment I left in the evening. There must be a rule deep in the workings of the universe that undiscovered problems… Continue reading Growing Up, and Growing Old

Sunday = Rugby (and the Superbowl)

It’s Sunday evening, dinner is busy cooking, the clothes are mostly washed, two of the children are watching TV in their rooms after a day on the rugby fields, and the eldest is at a friend’s house after lying to my face this morning. Not happy with her at all, but trying not to react… Continue reading Sunday = Rugby (and the Superbowl)

Fishing for Friends

Sometimes I spend an hour randomly following links from blogs to comments, and on to further blogs - reading, commenting, and reminding myself what it is to take part in the wider community. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I really enjoy it. Submerging yourself into the blogosphere (horrible word, but I can't… Continue reading Fishing for Friends

Being Noticed

I've never really felt like I "fitted in" anywhere. Throughout college I was not one of the popular crowd that hung out together, and through my twenty-something years I never had the circle of friends that went to bars and clubs. Here's the thing. Somewhere along the way the people I would have been too… Continue reading Being Noticed