Preparing to Travel

I'm sitting in the dark of the junk room at home, sheltering from the bitter cold outside. The central heating is on flat-out, the curtains are closed, and the soundtrack from the movie "Hackers" is pumping out of the computer speakers. "Cowgirl" by Underworld is playing. Miss 17 has been keeping me company for the… Continue reading Preparing to Travel


Pretending to be Busy

I finished writing technical documentation for the project I'm working on a little after 11am this morning, and have been scratching around for anything to do ever since. There seems little point in starting development work, given that I'm only here for a few hours - next week I'm off to Germany again. The hotel… Continue reading Pretending to be Busy

The Early Bird Catches the Bacon

I've become quite the expert - at this hotel at least - at making bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast. My creations are nowhere near as neat and tidy as the stock photo accompanying this post, but I imagine they look exactly the same after the first bite. During a fitful night's sleep, I had… Continue reading The Early Bird Catches the Bacon


The flight from Heathrow to Frankfurt was remarkably routine. Although officially recorded as "delayed", the flight crew did everything in their power to rush us onto the aircraft, and begin taxiing out to the runway. I would love to have heard the conversation between the aircraft and the control tower - it became evident that… Continue reading Arrival

Good Morning from Heathrow Airport

It's heading towards 10am — I arrived at the airport a little before 8:30am and strolled straight through security. I'm getting too good at it — while removing my belt and emptying my pockets the scene in "Up in the Air" came to mind, where George Clooney is picking a queue based on the nationality… Continue reading Good Morning from Heathrow Airport