This week seems to be going on indefinitely. I'm sure there's an end to it somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure where that might be. It probably doesn't help that I've been head-down on development this week - making changes to perhaps the biggest code-base I ever worked on, and for a huge client. It's… Continue reading Relentless


Running Late

Before arriving in the office this morning I paid a visit to the local barbers, and sat quietly while a nice lady called Mary, from Tipperary in Ireland cut my hair. After the requisite conversation about what might happen to my head in the next twenty minutes, we talked about cross channel ferries, airports, flights,… Continue reading Running Late

The one where the nice lady cut my hair, and told me her life story

After finishing work a little early this evening to make a call, I decided to do something about the unruly mop of hair growing out of the top of my head. After a cursory search on Google MapsĀ for local places that might assist with removal of said mop, I set out on foot towards the… Continue reading The one where the nice lady cut my hair, and told me her life story