It's just gone 10pm on Sunday evening, and I'm in my usual bolt-hole - hiding out in the junk room, listening to music, and emptying my head into the keyboard while the younger children sleep, and my other half watches TV shows in the lounge. Miss 17 is chatting with friends on her phone in… Continue reading Tinkering


Growing Up, and Growing Old

I nearly fainted this afternoon. I had been working flat out all day on a technical problem. I didn’t get up from my desk from the moment I arrived in the morning until the moment I left in the evening. There must be a rule deep in the workings of the universe that undiscovered problems… Continue reading Growing Up, and Growing Old

Almost Ignoring Valentines Day

If the marketing people would have you believe it, millions of people will be making all sorts of extra effort to woo, appease, or apologise to their existing or soon-to-be significant others today. All because convention and expectation pressures them into it. If they don't do something, they will be seen as lazy - if… Continue reading Almost Ignoring Valentines Day

Everything Changes

David Karp is leaving Tumblr. It feels strange, finally seeing the various valley blogs breathlessly posting the news out to the internet - describing how he founded the blogging platform back in 2007, and changed the web. I remember. I was there. I wrote about it. I remember listening to an episode of a podcast… Continue reading Everything Changes

Lack of Belief

A friend challenged my apparent lack of faith earlier this evening, causing me to really think about my opposition to “faith”. It’s worth pointing out that I have no problem with people believing whatever they want to believe - as long as they respect my freedom not to share their belief. In the process of… Continue reading Lack of Belief

Washington Square Park

While skimming updates posted to the social internet by far flung friends earlier this evening, I got sucked into reading a post recalling somebody's formative years - and how many of their favourite memories were attached to Washington Square Park. I stopped in my tracks, opened a chat window, and asked the author directly:"Is that… Continue reading Washington Square Park