Snow Day

I woke at about 7am this morning, with a pounding headache. Downing several cans of craft cider the night before will do that to you if you're not used to drinking any more. Snow had been forecast, and I couldn't be bothered to wipe away condensation on the bedroom window to take a look -… Continue reading Snow Day



I'm sitting in the junk room at home, listening to the soundtrack from the movie "Hackers" (Voodoo People, by the Prodigy right now), typing this into GEdit in Solus Linux on the old PC. I need to get more 90s dance music - I used to have a few compilation albums from the big clubs… Continue reading Drifting

Coming Home

I came home from work mid-morning. I’ve most probably picked a virus up off the kids. While I don’t feel that dreadful, it was causing me to have trouble concentrating, which inevitably leads to all manner of creative and wonderful mistakes. Better not to make them in the first place than return tomorrow and try… Continue reading Coming Home

Procrastinating Famously

I'm busy clearing the decks at work this morning. I travel to Germany first thing on Monday, so there's not much point getting involved in doing anything of consequence. If you suddenly see a swathe of comments from me on your blog, at least you'll know why it happened 🙂 I had to leave work… Continue reading Procrastinating Famously

Christmas Shopping Complete

Today was really just about buying bits and pieces that were not on lists. A family board game to play, stocking fillers, and so on. I had planned on going out yesterday, but forgot all about the War Horse trip. Going shopping on Christmas Eve was always going to be entertaining for the wrong reasons.… Continue reading Christmas Shopping Complete