Other People’s Lives

While walking back from an emergency grocery shopping trip late this evening, I spotted a cafe that opens late, filled with people laughing, smiling, relaxing, and no doubt having all sorts of fun. As I trudged past with my bag of shopping, with the knowledge that my evening was far from over yet, I started… Continue reading Other People’s Lives



I'm sitting in the junk room at home, listening to the soundtrack from the movie "Hackers" (Voodoo People, by the Prodigy right now), typing this into GEdit in Solus Linux on the old PC. I need to get more 90s dance music - I used to have a few compilation albums from the big clubs… Continue reading Drifting

Never Say Never

At the beginning of the year I walked away from much of my “presence” on social media. For several years I had been posting into Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Flickr, Snapchat - the slew of popular platforms that exist across the internet. I didn’t use them all at the same time -… Continue reading Never Say Never

Another Mass Shooting

I've been reading various news stories today, following the mass shooting in Florida that happened yesterday. In the hours afterwards, all the usual suspects tweeted out their "thoughts and prayers". I think everybody has realised that when people say "thoughts and prayers" they actually mean "doing nothing". Yet again, everybody is talking about gun control… Continue reading Another Mass Shooting

Relatively Unscathed

This week has been something like a firework - starting off burning fiercely, then finally letting go with an explosion, leaving a debris field full of smoking wreckage behind. Sorry if I’m being vague - you should know by now that I never really open up about anything outside of my own little bubble. Thank… Continue reading Relatively Unscathed

Fishing for Friends

Sometimes I spend an hour randomly following links from blogs to comments, and on to further blogs - reading, commenting, and reminding myself what it is to take part in the wider community. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I really enjoy it. Submerging yourself into the blogosphere (horrible word, but I can't… Continue reading Fishing for Friends