It's just gone 10pm on Sunday evening, and I'm in my usual bolt-hole - hiding out in the junk room, listening to music, and emptying my head into the keyboard while the younger children sleep, and my other half watches TV shows in the lounge. Miss 17 is chatting with friends on her phone in… Continue reading Tinkering


Procrastinating Famously

I'm busy clearing the decks at work this morning. I travel to Germany first thing on Monday, so there's not much point getting involved in doing anything of consequence. If you suddenly see a swathe of comments from me on your blog, at least you'll know why it happened 🙂 I had to leave work… Continue reading Procrastinating Famously

Writing and Not Writing

Today's WordPress Blogging University writing exercise is asking me to consider what I might write if I had more time to write: If you’re not a full-time writer, or if your day is so full of other tasks that you have little time to write, consider these alternative questions: if you could step into a… Continue reading Writing and Not Writing

Slowing Everything Down

It's my second day off work, and the world finally seems to be slowing down. Yesterday was spent washing and drying clothes, fetching children from holiday activity clubs, and running here, there, and everywhere. The dishwasher is finally empty, and the washing baskets are nearing empty too. Of course we know this is a false… Continue reading Slowing Everything Down

Rearranging All The Things

After an extended game of e-mail ping-pong between three people, one of whom’s only function seemed to be the person that talks to the ship’s computer and relay messages, I am no longer returning to Germany the week after next. Everything has skidded a couple of weeks. That game of ping-pong resulted in another game… Continue reading Rearranging All The Things

Procrastination, Books, and Lazy Sundays

In preparation somewhat for the next few weeks, I made the conscious decision to not do anything today, and you know what? It was really hard. Aside from the usual routine of picking up after the children, repeatedly filling the washing machine, feeding animals, and stopping arguments before they start, I have been quietly reading… Continue reading Procrastination, Books, and Lazy Sundays