Other People’s Lives

While walking back from an emergency grocery shopping trip late this evening, I spotted a cafe that opens late, filled with people laughing, smiling, relaxing, and no doubt having all sorts of fun. As I trudged past with my bag of shopping, with the knowledge that my evening was far from over yet, I started… Continue reading Other People’s Lives


Terrifically Unfair

So much has happened in the last 18 hours. I'm having trouble processing it - struggling to arrange it all into a coherent story. Perhaps I'll start at the beginning. I was sitting in the junk room yesterday afternoon, minding my own business, when a chat window appeared in the browser - a friend who… Continue reading Terrifically Unfair

Almost Ignoring Valentines Day

If the marketing people would have you believe it, millions of people will be making all sorts of extra effort to woo, appease, or apologise to their existing or soon-to-be significant others today. All because convention and expectation pressures them into it. If they don't do something, they will be seen as lazy - if… Continue reading Almost Ignoring Valentines Day

Rebuilding Miss 17

Last night was a perfect example of the challenges faced by two parents attempting to parent three children. The eldest - often thought of as the most level headed, sensible, and placid - had fallen through the cracks while we juggled football, rugby, dance, and schoolwork with her younger sisters. When she needed us most,… Continue reading Rebuilding Miss 17

2am Netflix Marathons FTW

I sat up with our eldest daughter last night watching back to back episodes of "Stranger Things" on Netflix. We watched the first four episodes of season 2 while eating pizza, drinking red wine, and sneaking penny sweets from a huge bucket in the kitchen bought for Halloween. I'm not quite sure how or why,… Continue reading 2am Netflix Marathons FTW


While walking into town to buy groceries this morning I whiled away a few minutes scrolling through the Tumblr dashboard, and happened upon a distant friend mentioning a song by Christina Perri called "A Thousand Years". A note had been left for them while saying goodbye to co-workers after moving jobs, with the lyrics in… Continue reading Human