After spending the entire day walking back and forth from town, clearing up after people, re-filling the washing machine and tumble dryer, and putting things away after everybody else, I really didn't feel like going out to our youngest's school this evening to attend a school fundraiser. I get it - spending an evening playing… Continue reading Bingo


45th Lap

It's official - I have now been standing, sitting, or lying down on this ball of mud, rock, and water for 45 laps of the sun. 45 is kind of a nothing age, isn't it - not significant in any meaningful measure of anything. The weather has done it's bit to cancel the event out… Continue reading 45th Lap

Slow Start Saturday

The radio alarm clock exploded into life at 7am, filling the bedroom with the local radio station, playing pre-recorded news from the big networks. I rolled over, groping for my phone on the bedside table, and spent a few moments squinting at the avalanche of notifications that had stacked up overnight - swiping them away… Continue reading Slow Start Saturday

Saturday Morning

It's heading towards 9:30am on Saturday morning. The washing machine and tumble dryer are rumbling away in the background, the dishwasher has been emptied, the younger children are camped out in the lounge watching cartoons, and the same washing that has been hanging on the line for two days is still out there - hopefully… Continue reading Saturday Morning


I didn’t write a blog post yesterday. I’m tempted to say this is far greater importance than the orange lunatic winning the US presidential election (or maybe a symptom of it), but that would of course be a ridiculous thing to suggest. After a long and uneventful journey home, I dropped my bags, and immediately… Continue reading Saturday