I've been sitting in front of the computer for the last hour, wondering what I might write about, and vanishing down any number of internet rabbit holes while avoiding writing "I have nothing to write about today". I'm tired. I need to sleep. I will be back. Promise.


Sleep and Chocolate

I have nothing earth shattering to report. I’m not going to let that stop me filling a blog post with very little though. If nothing else, writing this post proves that nothing might be something - which pleases the anarchic part of my brain no end. I’m trying to relax into the week. I quietly… Continue reading Sleep and Chocolate

Backing Up the Known Universe

After completing the epic Tuesday night slog yesterday evening (meet Miss 17, go for coffee, buy groceries, pick up Miss 13, change her into football kit, drop her a football, walk Miss 17 home, clear up kitchen, pick up Miss 13 from football, go home, make dinner, eat, wash up, etc, etc, etc), I started… Continue reading Backing Up the Known Universe

The Early Bird Catches the Bacon

I've become quite the expert - at this hotel at least - at making bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast. My creations are nowhere near as neat and tidy as the stock photo accompanying this post, but I imagine they look exactly the same after the first bite. During a fitful night's sleep, I had… Continue reading The Early Bird Catches the Bacon

Balancing the World on my Shoulders

Tonight marked a milestone of sorts for the project I have been working on for the last several weeks. I finally pulled the curtains back, and started letting users in to wreck everything try everything out. To say I’m burned out would be something of an understatement.I’m just looking forward to going home now.This has… Continue reading Balancing the World on my Shoulders