Snow Day

I woke at about 7am this morning, with a pounding headache. Downing several cans of craft cider the night before will do that to you if you're not used to drinking any more. Snow had been forecast, and I couldn't be bothered to wipe away condensation on the bedroom window to take a look -… Continue reading Snow Day



It's just gone 10pm on Sunday evening, and I'm in my usual bolt-hole - hiding out in the junk room, listening to music, and emptying my head into the keyboard while the younger children sleep, and my other half watches TV shows in the lounge. Miss 17 is chatting with friends on her phone in… Continue reading Tinkering

Scrivener and Dropbox

Sunday has been remarkably quiet so far. The girls went to rugby practice first thing while I got on with chores around the house. They arrived home early this afternoon, accompanied by a car full of groceries. We have food again! This afternoon I found myself at a loose end, so have spent much of… Continue reading Scrivener and Dropbox

Snowing on Sunday

After spending the greater part of last night stood in a good friend's kitchen drinking beer and telling stories, we arrived home a little before midnight, and checked through the children's rugby kit in preparation for this morning - a long trip across the county to play a far flung team. We woke a little… Continue reading Snowing on Sunday

The arrival of “Poppy” the Hamster

I thought I was going to be standing on the touchline of a rugby pitch at 10am this morning. After sliding out of bed a little after 8am, and finding my way to the shower, I heard my other half shuffle path the downstairs bathroom door towards the kitchen. "Where are the kids? Am I… Continue reading The arrival of “Poppy” the Hamster

Recreate a Single Day

Somehow I have made it to day fourteen of the WordPress Blogging University "Every Day Inspiration" series of daily prompts. Yes, I know I haven't done¬†every day - but I've done quite a few of them. Today's prompt appears to be the easiest of the lot, because it's pretty much "what I do" - tell… Continue reading Recreate a Single Day