I just finished installing "Elementary OS" on the old desktop computer at home - the one in the junk room that I tend to sit at while writing blog posts. On the off-chance that anybody else needs to use it, they can still re-start it and boot into Windows 7 - the hard-drive is partitioned,… Continue reading Elementary


One Week Into the Nokia 3310 Experiment

It is now a week since the Nokia 3310 arrived, and I performed a factory reset on my previous phone (a rather lovely Honor 8 that now resides in my other half's handbag). I thought it might be interesting to record a few thoughts about my experiences so far. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that… Continue reading One Week Into the Nokia 3310 Experiment

The Beginning, or the End ?

This week Deep Mind - the Google team behind the "Alpha Zero" artificial intelligence project - tried out the game of chess on the system. Alpha Zero spent four hours learning to play chess from scratch - essentially playing against itself - before being pitted against the result of perhaps forty years of chess software… Continue reading The Beginning, or the End ?

Everything Changes

David Karp is leaving Tumblr. It feels strange, finally seeing the various valley blogs breathlessly posting the news out to the internet - describing how he founded the blogging platform back in 2007, and changed the web. I remember. I was there. I wrote about it. I remember listening to an episode of a podcast… Continue reading Everything Changes

Quiet Insanity Rules

I rescued my old netbook computer from almost certain doom earlier in the week - it had been sitting on the corner of a counter in the kitchen along with a few other bits and pieces to be sent off for recycling or charitable donation. We finally made it to a charity store today with… Continue reading Quiet Insanity Rules

Memories of MS-DOS 5, Windows 3.0, and GNU-Linux

In early 1992 I saw Windows 3.0 for the first time. I had asked to use the laser printer of the IT department at West Oxfordshire College to print out a poem by Marilyn Monroe for an art project I was working on (yes, I studied art at college as well as computer science). The… Continue reading Memories of MS-DOS 5, Windows 3.0, and GNU-Linux

Ignoring the Amazon Echo

The mighty everything store in the sky is offering wondrous deals at huge discounts today, because it's "Prime Day". It's kind of like saying "Here's some money off some stuff that will help you spend more money with us, but only if you're already spending lots of money with us". I'm sure there's some clever… Continue reading Ignoring the Amazon Echo

Preparing for NaNoWriMo

Before describing what I've spent the greater part of the evening doing, it's probably worth dispelling a few myths, or preconceptions. I work as a software and web developer in the daytime - because of that you might think that I have some kind of state-of-the-art computer setup at home. And you would be wrong.I've… Continue reading Preparing for NaNoWriMo