It's just gone 10pm on Sunday evening, and I'm in my usual bolt-hole - hiding out in the junk room, listening to music, and emptying my head into the keyboard while the younger children sleep, and my other half watches TV shows in the lounge. Miss 17 is chatting with friends on her phone in… Continue reading Tinkering


Everything and Nothing

I'm sitting at the desk in my office, kicking around various bits and pieces - researching cloud stuff, brainstorming, and talking with the other developers about possibilities for future projects. I know several projects will be kicking off in the coming weeks, meaning travel both to the other end of the country and overseas, so… Continue reading Everything and Nothing

Hours and Hours

A support call came in late yesterday - reporting that something didn't appear to be working correctly on a client site. It got assigned to me. Everything gets assigned to me at the moment, on account of me having the most flame retardant underpants, it seems. The project involved wasn't written by me (they never… Continue reading Hours and Hours