I just finished installing "Elementary OS" on the old desktop computer at home - the one in the junk room that I tend to sit at while writing blog posts. On the off-chance that anybody else needs to use it, they can still re-start it and boot into Windows 7 - the hard-drive is partitioned,… Continue reading Elementary


Where did the weekend go ?

How do you go about writing a blog post when utter mayhem surrounds you ? While writing this Miss 12 is playing “Bomberman” next to me at full volume, the radio is blaring away in the kitchen, my other half is watching some forgettable detective series on TV in the lounge, and the other children… Continue reading Where did the weekend go ?

Relatively Unscathed

This week has been something like a firework - starting off burning fiercely, then finally letting go with an explosion, leaving a debris field full of smoking wreckage behind. Sorry if I’m being vague - you should know by now that I never really open up about anything outside of my own little bubble. Thank… Continue reading Relatively Unscathed

Backing Up the Known Universe

After completing the epic Tuesday night slog yesterday evening (meet Miss 17, go for coffee, buy groceries, pick up Miss 13, change her into football kit, drop her a football, walk Miss 17 home, clear up kitchen, pick up Miss 13 from football, go home, make dinner, eat, wash up, etc, etc, etc), I started… Continue reading Backing Up the Known Universe