For no particular reason at all, I'm writing this post in a text editor within an Amiga emulator on the Raspberry Pi. Let me explain that a bit further - a very small circuit board sitting on top of the PC under the desk is running Linux, which is then running an emulator - simulating… Continue reading Retro


Coming Home

I came home from work mid-morning. I’ve most probably picked a virus up off the kids. While I don’t feel that dreadful, it was causing me to have trouble concentrating, which inevitably leads to all manner of creative and wonderful mistakes. Better not to make them in the first place than return tomorrow and try… Continue reading Coming Home

Never Say Never

At the beginning of the year I walked away from much of my “presence” on social media. For several years I had been posting into Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Flickr, Snapchat - the slew of popular platforms that exist across the internet. I didn’t use them all at the same time -… Continue reading Never Say Never

Scrivener and Dropbox

Sunday has been remarkably quiet so far. The girls went to rugby practice first thing while I got on with chores around the house. They arrived home early this afternoon, accompanied by a car full of groceries. We have food again! This afternoon I found myself at a loose end, so have spent much of… Continue reading Scrivener and Dropbox

Fishing for Friends

Sometimes I spend an hour randomly following links from blogs to comments, and on to further blogs - reading, commenting, and reminding myself what it is to take part in the wider community. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I really enjoy it. Submerging yourself into the blogosphere (horrible word, but I can't… Continue reading Fishing for Friends